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dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyanyang. assalamualaikum mujahid dan mujahidah Islam yang tidak teragak-agak membela agama. :) semoga content yang ada tidak melalaikan kalian :) tegur yang mana silap, nasihat yang mana salah. MI dalam proses nak berubah. doa-doakan MI. kita SEISLAM, BERSAUDARA, KIBLAT YANG SAMA.. AGUNGKANLAH ISLAM DI PERSADA DUNIA. :) -lil' maisarah is growing up ;')-

Sunday, January 29

tiny power in me


first of all, big apology to my dear unknown-friends. i removed you all from my phone contact. auw auw but then 'you' text me. you know what weirdo? i just don't feel to reply you. bluekK! _and_ maxis keeps torching me up. so... tut*. -,-. 

oh there's something i wanna tell you. i just discovered that a sweet little power lies in me and i feel like dancing to know that. i can change anyone into a very very cute gecko. anytime and anywhere .ahak. so don't mess up with me babeh otherwise you really have to face the risk. i warned cha!

 ridiculous . huu.. enough!
 actually, i already knew this for so long that a girl named maisarah is too good in pacifying. well, who dares to deny it? hihi . me and him, we've made a peace. thank heaven. it was nonsense to think every single thing that happened between me and him was only my fault. pfftt. shouldn't blame myself for that. people call that c r u e l to oneself. ehek.. so do me and you and you and you and you and so on.

nothing to be shared more. love you!

remember this , i'm able to change you but not into a cute gecko. into a very well-behaved  loving person. my words are my weapon. yours too. so think about it. salam. :)

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