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dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyanyang. assalamualaikum mujahid dan mujahidah Islam yang tidak teragak-agak membela agama. :) semoga content yang ada tidak melalaikan kalian :) tegur yang mana silap, nasihat yang mana salah. MI dalam proses nak berubah. doa-doakan MI. kita SEISLAM, BERSAUDARA, KIBLAT YANG SAMA.. AGUNGKANLAH ISLAM DI PERSADA DUNIA. :) -lil' maisarah is growing up ;')-

Friday, July 8

hey! i'm talking to you!

 you achieved a good result in your UPSR. then you got into  a top school. you kept studying and now you are fifteen. you've changed a lot. and you are no longer care about your future. tell me what did you do at your school? are seriously struggling your best for your examination? baby, don't lie! come on! everyone puts a high expectation on you and please don't let them down. i bet you know how it feels like when
you lose your hope, when you failed and when you are hated. gah hurts isn't it? now, get up. go to your room. it is time for you to hit your books and start drafting your future.these such idiot things_  facebook, blog and what so ever never help instead, they'll ruin you. my dear honey,do remember this, your sacrifices will pay you!!

_i am not nagging_

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