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Monday, September 5

stupid story from stupid girl

It was a real thing. And i guess this is the real worst diary ever. Naa.. i met with the ‘guy’. Yup that guy!  We’ve been friends since the fasting month in the top website, Facebook. His name, i don’t know the real one but he used to be called as Remy. Gah, i don’t know why.. and what’s the point right now, huh?
Well peeps, as what i typed. We met. Yeah that is the point. At my house. At night. Bad wasn’t it! Right now, i feel that i am the foolest girl in the whole world. Oh my God. I do realy need a shoulder. I want to cry as long as i can. How is it to tell you.. you know, i always pray that i will avoid everything like what i’ve did. ‘couple life’, dating with someone and what so ever. For me, they are disgusting and should be kicked away! That was how i have been tought by the elders.  HOWEVER, i,i, err. Actually, i’ve typed it and you can read once again in case you don’t get what i mean.
“ANYMORE , STUPID GIRL?” yea, there’s many more!! He wanted two pictures of mine but I gave him one and he gave me two pictures of him. I still keep them in my phone memory. In the folder , “-boboyz-”  he wanted to choose my another picture himself. And this was the worst thing--->  The Super, Mega, Giga worst thing that happened in my life. Why on earth must he touch me. K, that was not in porpose. I told him “eh jgn pegang” . seemed that he didn’t care but he never touch again after that. Thank God! Miserable. That is what i am feeling right now.
By the way, Remy brought along his friend. If only  i got a hammer in my hand, i would knock his head many many many times. Who cares? He just say whatever he wanna say_ without thinking, i guess! He said abusive words. That was why i replied him “bodo lar”. Don’t know wether he heard it or not. But i hope he heard it and start mending yourself, doomie!
 he texted me. I pretended that i’m glad of it and yes , that’s what i’m good for. PRETENDING. Don’t you know that i am the ‘Drama Queen’?! Remy, i am very sorry for what i am doing. I realy  don’t have any intention to play along with you. Actually, i don’t want to hurt you. I keep making you happy. All of these are plastic! You should know it early. Urm, don’t you wish to know what he texted me? He asked to have a relationship with me. ALLAH! How can i accept it, my friend? I myself hate it and at the same time i don’t wanna let you down. So i have to choose. And i chose to let you down for a moment with a reply “sdeyh la cmni.. kta kwn lama2 dulu,k”. What’s that mean. Silly girl! It was the same as you will accept it but not now. Argh!! Caunselor, where are you?
I think he realized everything. But i’m not so sure of it. He didn’t reply my messages. Well, it’s okay.J

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