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dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyanyang. assalamualaikum mujahid dan mujahidah Islam yang tidak teragak-agak membela agama. :) semoga content yang ada tidak melalaikan kalian :) tegur yang mana silap, nasihat yang mana salah. MI dalam proses nak berubah. doa-doakan MI. kita SEISLAM, BERSAUDARA, KIBLAT YANG SAMA.. AGUNGKANLAH ISLAM DI PERSADA DUNIA. :) -lil' maisarah is growing up ;')-

Thursday, March 15

i told him


credits to nazmin for helping me when i was really in need. 

which one is better, telling you the truth or let you living in the darkness? my dearest friend, i really have to do that. it wasn't my purpose to let you down because of my sudden decision. you should think our future too, my friend. 

when i was awaken from my mistakes, i wanted to change every single thing between me and you. messaging like that was not awesome even it was fun. i am sorry. the only time we can text like that is when we've married. :). 

i want us to be friends.

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