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dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyanyang. assalamualaikum mujahid dan mujahidah Islam yang tidak teragak-agak membela agama. :) semoga content yang ada tidak melalaikan kalian :) tegur yang mana silap, nasihat yang mana salah. MI dalam proses nak berubah. doa-doakan MI. kita SEISLAM, BERSAUDARA, KIBLAT YANG SAMA.. AGUNGKANLAH ISLAM DI PERSADA DUNIA. :) -lil' maisarah is growing up ;')-

Saturday, March 10

what a day


i got something to spread.. uhuk. f**kin' feeling inside this heart has born. you know who grows it? a kid. tough he looks mature, he doesn't act to it. he plants a huge hope in me and lets it grows without anything. what a kid! tiring and burdening me. i neglected someone because of him yet it was so regretful. maybe this what he wants; nothing from me because he has got everything from her. i knew this from the bottom of my heart but i still demanding something from him. what a waste! he was gorgeous to me and he is disappointing me. now i know who's behind these shit.. it's our enemy. they were there when me and him were talking and everywhere! i hope not to trust anyone till the right time when i'm totally ready to be someone's. good night!

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