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dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha penyanyang. assalamualaikum mujahid dan mujahidah Islam yang tidak teragak-agak membela agama. :) semoga content yang ada tidak melalaikan kalian :) tegur yang mana silap, nasihat yang mana salah. MI dalam proses nak berubah. doa-doakan MI. kita SEISLAM, BERSAUDARA, KIBLAT YANG SAMA.. AGUNGKANLAH ISLAM DI PERSADA DUNIA. :) -lil' maisarah is growing up ;')-

Wednesday, March 9

just for fun

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09600. situated in kedah

9 march 2011
dear friend,

hello. how are you? i hope you are well with your beloved family and friends.i am fine as usual.

      sorry about just now. one thing, my friend. you are very right about that!  its so hard for me to admit it. i'm begging you for one thing. just let it sleep. i am very sure that you don't know about me well because we just "live" in the website, facebook. that's for sure.

     my dear friend, for your information, i'd prefer to keep myself a private person. no reason. i just don't like to socialize. it is s***. sorry for saying that. after i got back from school by bus, i had a very bad moment with my ex-classmates. two of them are studying in different schools whereas the another, she studies with me. we used to be best friends. but that was 3 years ago. the bad moment? they !@#$$%^&*() on me. something that you shouldn't know. believe me, if you are  in my shoes, you'll feel the same as i am. i want to tell you, but i think it is too public right here.

     back to the main topic. i wonder how come you guess it correctly? it is okay for you to know that. i hope you do no tell it to anyone. please.and  up to you to say i am weird or whatever .this is me. that's all from me now. see you soon, friend. send my regard to your friend. him. once again, thank you for your concern.

yours sincerely,

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